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Food Pantry Update



How many of you remember Mr. Yuck-Mouth? I loved this PSA when I was a kid watching Saturday morning cartoons. I still sing it from time to time.

I strive to not be a yuck-mouth. I brush my teeth twice daily, floss a couple of times a day and go to the dentist twice a year for routine care. Even with this care I still occasionally have a problem that must be dealt with. Some of those problems have more to do with the conformation of my mouth rather than the care of my teeth. And some of the problems have been rather painful.

Think about some of the problems you and your friends have had. Did you know that your dogs and cats can get all of the same problems that people get? In fact, they probably get some problems much more commonly than people.

Do your pets brush their teeth? Do they floss? No? They probably build up a large amount of plaque and tartar. This is essentially bacteria that are adhered to the teeth. This works its way under the gum line (becoming infection) and causes inflammation (gingivitis), loss of attachment and bone (periodontal disease) and pain. Along with this comes bad breath (halitosis).

I recently saw a cat that would not eat and looked like it was having seizures. This occurred because the upper canine teeth were both mobile. When the left canine tooth was touched it was very loose, had blood and pus coming from around it, and the cat would do its seizure-like behavior. This is an unusual case as most patients will continue to eat and act normally even with multiple teeth in this condition. This cat was a yuck-mouth and needed help.

We are here to help keep your pet from becoming a yuck-mouth, and if there are major problems, to help them recover a more comfortable, if not a normal, healthy mouth.

February is National Pet Dental Health Month. Once again Bobtown Pet Clinic will be offering a 10% discount on all Dental services and products during the month.

Schedule your pet's appointment today.

Not sure if your pet needs dental care? Give us a call for a quick, free appointment to look at his/her mouth. 715-749-4006



Coprophagia, the eating of feces. It is a disgusting habit. It is a good part of the reason I do not like my dogs licking me. They seem to prefer poopcicles to the fresh. Their other favorites are the jellybeans out in the yard from rabbits. They will go out and hunt through the grass after these at all times of year.

A good reason for dogs to eat feces is not particularly clear. For my dogs, I suspect the cause is that they just want to eat, all the time. Given the opportunity I think both would eat constantly. However, this may not be the case.

It seems very unlikely that coprophagia is due to missing something in their diet. Even dogs on very high end foods that are complete and well balanced will be coprophagic.

A new study suggests that dogs may have evolved to be coprophagic for health reasons. Sound a bit far fetched on first glance, but this may have some merit. Check out the article at this link.!.aspx



Food Pantry Update

Great Job!

Thanks to you we were able to take

554 lbs of goods



to the Roberts/Hammond Area Food Pantry in 2017!

Keep up the great work!