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VitusVet is Up and Running!

“They Ate What?!”

Warm Days

VitusVet is Up and Running!

VitusVet for Bobtown Pet Clinic has gone live!

Your pet's medical records are in your account. If you have not already done so, please download the Free VitusVet App on your phone and/or computer and register for this Free service.

Through the VitusVet App, you can see your pet's medical records 24/7 and at the click of a button allow any emergency or referral veterinarian to see those records. You can view the records and X-rays from Bobtown Pet Clinic and our recommended emergency hospital AERC of Minnesota. AERC has been using VitusVet for some time.

The app will also help you monitor when your pet needs care such as vaccines and heartworm testing. You can request prescription refills and request appointments (non-urgent only). You can do these things any time of day.

On our end we get emails with every refill and appointment request. We then go to our dashboard to complete the request. We can also send and receive messages with our clients. The records are updated every 3 hours from our server.

Please note that client access to records is delayed by about 24 hours to allow for finalizing the record. Veterinarians have access to the records within 3 hours.

We believe this will be a valuable service to you and your pet and hope that you will take full advantage of this Free service. As an emergency veterinarian, Dr. Lindquist knows first hand how valuable it can be to have access to medical records and images.

“They Ate What?!”

One of our favorite repeating journal articles of the year is from Veterinary Practice News and entitled “They Ate What?!”. This journal contest is always fascinating. The article was just published and we thought to share it with you.

We all know that dogs and cats like to eat things they should not. It is interesting to discover just what they ate and the history behind this ingestion of inappropriate objects.

Follow this link or copy and paste the link below into your web browser to see what dogs, cats, birds and even fish and rabbit ate this year.

Warm Days

The days are getting cooler now that we are in fall. However, we are still having some warm days and the sun can still heat up your vehicle quickly.

As a friendly reminder, please be careful taking your pets with you in the car. On pleasant days your vehicle can still heat up quickly. We do not want to see your pet with heat stroke.