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Dogs in Trucks

Halloween Safety


Fall. Cooling weather. Shorter days. Beautifully colored leaves. Squirrels hiding food. Birds and monarchs migrating. Animals putting on that extra layer of fat. Mice moving into buildings.

Wait. WHAT?!?

'Tis the season for winterizing our homes, boats, campers, storage building and such. Many people place rodenticides around to help keep rodents from damaging our things.

Please remember that these poisons are also poisonous to dogs, cats, people and other wildlife. Dogs in particular are very food motivated and are known for finding these products. Sometimes the product is extremely well barricaded and yet they still get to it. Other times, mice and rats carry the product quite a distance from where it was placed.

I have also had clients who have put it out where a pet can easily get to it because the label says “pet friendly.” Some storage unit managers place rodenticides around the property that dogs get into while accompanying their owners. Some exterminators have also been reported to put it where pets have easy access. The story variations are almost endless.

These products are not safe. They are designed to deliver a fatal dose to a mouse or rat with a single feeding. So while a dog or cat must eat a larger amount, the amount is still not very much.

If you use these products, please be very careful for your family and the families around you. Remember to monitor and carefully and properly dispose of the products when done with them.

If you see your pet eat any of these products, DO NOT WAIT! Have him/her seen immediately by a veterinarian. We are more successful treating a patient before any clinical symptoms have started. Please remember to bring the product packaging with you so we know what the product is and how to best treat.

Dogs in Trucks

There is no doubt that many dogs enjoy going with their owners in the vehicle. It is fun to visit places and people. It is fun to have the dog along for company.

When your dog goes with you, let's try to keep them safe. In the warm weather we avoid leaving them in the hot car. Year round we need to keep them secure in the vehicle. Dogs are known to jump out of the open window of a moving vehicle.

Particularly dangerous is transporting an unsecured dog in an open pickup box. Dogs cannot hang on to anything. They often run from side to side and stand on the sides. They can easily jump over the side of the box.

What happens when the driver hits a big bump. Or slams on the breaks. Or has even a relatively slow speed accident. The dog will be thrown from the box. Think of how far you have heard of people being thrown when ejected from a vehicle in an accident. The toss is not the problem. However, the landing is the equivalent of being hit by a vehicle traveling the same speed. Ouch!

Please bring your friend into the cab or put them in a secure kennel in the back of an open pickup. The injuries we see when dogs are thrown from a pickup box can be severe, if they survive.

Halloween Safety

Most people have lots of fun with Halloween. It is a great excuse to dress up, see others who are in costume, and get together for a party. The kids love the Trick-or-Treating.

Unfortunately, most of our 4 legged friends do not like Halloween nearly as much. The costumes are scary and there are lots of strangers in costumes knocking at the door.

It is also not very safe for pets. Chocolate and the artificial sweetener xylitol are toxic.

Please keep your pets safe this Halloween. Keep all candy away from them and out of reach. Please try to keep your pets away from the door so they do not run outside and potentially run away. It would completely ruin such a fun holiday to lose your pet.