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Dental Month
Constant Advances
Merial Coupon Expiring
Food Shelf Donations Update

Mandibular first molar with severe bone loss around the caudal root and periapical bone loss around the mesial root. 

Mandibular first molar with severe bone loss around the caudal root and periapical bone loss around the mesial root. 

National Pet Dental Health Month

Dental care for pets is a winning proposition for pets and their owners. Have you ever had a toothache? Miserable isn't it. Chronic pain at some level with intermittent severe to excruciating pain. That hot or cold drink just about killed you. Be careful to chew on only one side of your mouth. That carrot is too hard. That steak is too chewy.

Humans will put up with dental pain for only so long before doing something about it. Your pets have no choice but to suffer with it. They seldom quit eating, but many stop chewing their food. Kibble can be swallowed whole quite easily. Dogs and cats seldom act overtly painful with crying or cringing, but many pets stop chewing on favorite toys or playing tug. Some will paw at their mouth. Others start to prefer soft food. Others just seem to slow down. And what about that breath.

We all want our pets to be comfortable and pleasant to be around. When they are in pain, they are not having as much fun as they may seem.

February is National Pet Dental Health Month. Once again, Bobtown Pet Clinic will be offering 10% off all dental services in recognition of this event.

Please call for an appointment today.

Think of the changes since this picture was taken.

Think of the changes since this picture was taken.

Medical Advances

Just as in human medicine, veterinary medicine is always changing and advancing. New, different, better, easier, and safer medications, appliances, procedures, surgeries and treatments are always being developed.

Veterinary medicine benefits greatly from the human research. Much of the initial work must take place in animals. This increases the veterinary research as the funds are not available to do all of the work needed for veterinary studies.

Despite this, veterinary research goes on. In the past few years stem cell therapies have been developed. New vaccines are available for the 2 new strains of canine influenza. A vaccine for canine melanoma has been developed. Autologous vaccines (vaccines made from a patient's own tumor) can be produced for individual patients. And just today for the first time I saw information about a new B cell lymphoma vaccine for dogs.

Veterinary medicine experiences constant change that improves our ability to help our patients live better quality lives.  

Merial Rebate Program

Most of you are familiar with the coupons and rebates for HeartGard® Plus, FrontlineTM Plus and NexGardTM . When you purchase a certain amount you get a $50 rebate check from Merial.

This program is ending onFebruary 23. The new coupons will be only $35.

We have a limited number of the $50 coupons remaining. When the coupons run out, we cannot get any more. Therefore, to take advantage of the coupons we have, we suggest that you come in and get your HeartGard® Plus, FrontlineTM Plus and NexGardTM before the coupons are gone.

Food Shelf Donations Update

Great Work Everybody!

Together we have collected 675 lbs of food and $370.24 for the Roberts Food Shelf!

This means that since we started tracking the donations in January 2012, we have taken 3644 lbs and $888.50 to the Food Shelf.

They are always very grateful for all the donations.

Thank you for your help!