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Summer Safety Hazards

Bug Bites

Miller's Corner Event

Summer Safety Hazards

We all like to get out and about in the pleasant summer weather. It is so much nicer to do so than with snow on the ground. We also want to include our 4-legged family members in the fun. After all, the whole family wants to be together when we go to the beach, park and family get togethers.

As we want the activity to be fun for all, we must take a few simple precautions.

Check out that body of water. Is the water clean? Is there an excessive amount of algae present? Bluegreen algae is very dangerous. Are there dead fish, birds and such that Fido would like to roll in or perhaps eat? It really is fun to apply odorant and have a snack of a dead animal. That is until it is time to go home in the car or to vomit and have diarrhea for a day.

Make sure your pet is welcome at the family party/picnic. Is someone allergic? Will there be other dogs there and will the dogs get along? Are there going to be foods that are toxic? (Grapes, certain nuts, artificial sweeteners,...) How likely is your dog to jump onto the table to help themselves to a snack?

Is there a place to confine Fido? A busy park, yard or lake can make it difficult to keep track of a dog. They can run off and get injured, get hit by a motor vehicle, and get into other dangerous situations. It may be necessary to keep them on a leash.

Is there a shady place for Fido to relax with some water? The sun is very strong on a hot summer day. A dog left in the sun may have trouble staying cool. Cars become ovens in minutes.

Of course once the fun is ending, Fido thinks there is more fun to be had by getting into the garbage. Fatty foods can cause pancreatitis. Unusual foods can cause gastroenteritis. Bones can cause many problems. Some dogs are indiscriminate eaters and will ingest non-edible objects along with the edible. Corn cobs are common intestinal foreign bodies seen in the summer.

By taking some easy precautions, you can have lots of fun with Fido this summer.

Bug Bites

Summer is not just fun for people and pets. Insects like to come out to play too. Bugs like ticks, mosquitoes, spiders, gnats, beetles, bees, wasps, fleas and countless others are active and looking for food. They just want to be left alone to do their thing.

People and animals sometimes interfere with their activities. When this happens, we can hardly blame the insects for lashing out at the invader. Whether it is a dog sniffing around the yard and disturbing a bee or a bear digging into a hive, bees will defend themselves.

Others, like mosquitoes and ticks are looking for a meal. These 2 critters carry several dangerous diseases like heartworms, Lyme disease, Anaplasmosis and others.

Sometimes the bite or sting cause only minor symptoms. Gnat bites often form a small round target shaped red lesion about 1 cm in diameter. These tend to resolve quickly. Other pets will respond to other stings or bites with an allergic reaction that needs emergency medical treatment.

Outdoor dogs in the country often get bit on the tips of the ears by flies. This can cause crusting and hair loss to the ear tips.

It is impossible to completely avoid bugs during the summer. We can but protect our pets as best as possible with our flea and tick medications. We can also use fly strike ointments on the ears for our canine friends.

Miller's Corner Event

Mark your calendars. The annual Miller's Corner Event is less than 2 months away.

On August 4, the Miller's Corner Businesses will again host this popular event.

We hope you are able to join us.

Watch for more information next month.