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Stress-Free Vet Visits For Dogs

Dog Bite Prevention

Drug Take Back

Kitty Needs a Home


Stress-Free Vet Visits For Dogs

Many pets are not fond of visiting the veterinary clinic. Let's face it. We poke, prod, handle every part of their body and then often stick them with needles. The same thing happens to me when I go to the doctor. And while I like my doctor, I do not really like needing to go to see him. This is true even though I understand why the visit is needed.

This understanding is not something veterinary patients are capable of. Therefore, we must work with everything surrounding the visit to make it less stressful, more pleasant and safer for all involved in the appointment.

For dogs, this process starts with the owners:

  • Dogs are very perceptive of their owner's mood and stress.

  • Try to make the visits pleasurable.

  • Try to decrease the stress of the activities surrounding the visit.

  • Have the kennel out and open for the dog so it becomes a safe and familiar object.

  • Certain scents, such as lavender or Dog Appeasing Hormone (DAP) can help calm them.

  • Let's not forget about general socialization.

  • Use tasty treats and attention to reward appropriate calm behavior.

  • If your veterinarian suggests techniques to make the visit less stressful, please listen.   

The real key is to start young and condition the dog that veterinary visits can be fun. They do not understand that we are trying very hard to help them. They only know that they do not like what happens at the clinic.

At Bobtown Pet Clinic we use calm positive handling techniques. We use lots of tasty hot dog treats and positive attention to reward the appropriate behavior. Our hope is to make the visit as pleasant as possible so the dog remembers the good parts of the visit rather than the less pleasant aspects.

The majority of what we do in the veterinary clinic qualifies as fairly benign and nothing for pets or owners to be particularly stressed about. Recognizing this fact and training owners and pets can make the visits much more pleasant for all involved. Most of these ideas are easy and can be quite fun.

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                 Even First Dog, Barney Bush bit a reporter.

                 Even First Dog, Barney Bush bit a reporter.

Dog Bite Prevention

There are an estimated 4.7million people bitten by dogs every year. Most of these people are children and most know the dog that bites them. The majority of the dogs are the family pet. The majority of the bites are to the face because kids faces are at the dog's level.

There are several parts to dog bite prevention. The first starts with training puppies not to bite. However, by far the most important part is to train people/children what to do and what not to do around dogs. This includes training people about dog body language.

The Minnesota Veterinary Medical Association has created a Dog Bite Prevention Program. Dr. Lindquist has been through the course and can conduct training programs. If you have a group that would benefit from this training, please contact Bobtown Pet Clinic to schedule a seminar.

Drug Take-Back

Do you have unused or expired prescription drugs in your medicine cabinet that you need to dispose of? These need to be disposed of properly, not put in the garbage or flushed down the toilet. Medications are often not readily biodegradable and must be disposed of properly. Therefore, incineration becomes the most appropriate disposal method.

Medications must be removed from bottles and placed in sealed plastic bags (like baggies). These bags can then be dropped off at many locations. Local drop off sites include the police stations in Baldwin, Glenwood City, Hammond, Hudson, North Hudson, New Richmond, River Falls, Roberts, Somerset and Woodville. Additionally, there is a site at the St. Croix County Sheriff's office.

Further information can be obtained at or by calling 715-381-4320.

Twice a year the DEA runs a runs a National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day. The next will be on April 26. In St. Croix County it will be at Family Fresh in Hudson. To give you an idea of the size of this national event, on November 6, 2013, people turned in 647,211 pounds (324 tons) of expired and unwanted medications for safe and proper disposal at the 5,638 take-bake sites.


Kitty Needs a Home

Over the past few weeks we have gotten to know Milo very well. He was surrendered for treatment and now needs a good home. He is supervising my hands very closely as I write this. I think he thinks he could type better with his 7 fingers on each front paw.

We estimate him at about 2 years of age. He has been neutered, vaccinated and dewormed. He enjoys talking with you and is very social with people. He came from a house with another cat but does not seem to like dogs.

We think he would do well as an only pet or possibly with one other cat. We do not think he would do well in a house with dogs.

If you are interested in meeting and possibly adopting him, please give Bobtown Pet Clinic a call at 715-749-4006 or stop by during business hours.

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