Dear Friend,

Please join us for Santa PAWs!

Check out our new website!

For the past month and a half or so we have been busy developing our new website. We have all been involved with writing content and taking tons of pictures around the clinic, of ourselves, our pets and some client pets.

The new site should be very user friendly and formatted to accommodate your smart phone.

Food Pantry Challenge

As of November 16, we have collected 1110 lbs of food and goods for the Roberts Food Pantry. We have collected about 50 lbs since then.

Our goal for the year is 1500 lbs. We still have plenty of time to reach this goal.

Bobtown Pet Clinic will perform a routine nail trim on your pet for a donation to the food pantry. We ask that the donation be at least a $10 value. We also ask that you please call for an appointment.

The Roberts Food Pantry serves the Roberts and Hammond areas in the St. Croix Central School District.

Holiday Safety For Pets

The holidays are busy and stressful for people. This can also be a very stressful time for our pets. We have company visit, go shopping, travel, and have unusual decorations around the house. We also have many wonderful foods around the house that are very enticing for people and pets. All of these can cause problems if we are not careful.

To try to keep our pets safe, there are precautions that should be taken. The first is to make sure all your company are careful when opening doors. We would hate for a nervous pet to dart out the door and run away or get hit by a car. This would ruin your holiday in a big hurry.

Try to spend time with your pets as usual. When we are gone from the house at unusual times, the pet's normal routine is disrupted. This can be stressful. They still want their food on time and to go outside and play. If your pet is going to the kennel while you are gone, talk to the kennel staff about what you can do to make their stay less stressful. Also, make sure all vaccinations are current.

Cats and dogs love to play. Cats often like strings and the tinsel on the trees. Dogs will chew on new toys and sometimes a Christmas tree. When dogs at cats swallow strings, tinsel and toys, they can get extremely sick due to intestinal obstructions. Some of the things they swallow are actually toxic.

Foods can also often cause problems. Chocolate, grapes/raisins and some sugar free candies, some nuts and foods can be highly toxic. The rich foods can often cause severe vomiting and diarrhea. Do not forget to keep your pet out of the garbage. Due to the wonderful odors, many pets who do not normally get into the garbage will dump over garbage cans or rip into bags.

We want your holiday season to be joyful, not a disaster. Taking some simple precautions can help keep it that way.

Merry Christmas to You and Yours!

From All of Us at Bobtown Pet Clinic